Kaitlin Shamion, RDH

Born and raised in the Upper Peninsula, Kaitlin always wanted a job close to family and friends and able to serve and give back to the community. While attending Ferris State University, Kaitlin was able to choose a location to do an externship. She chose the LVDHC, and from that point on she knew this is where she wanted to work! Following graduation in 2017, she worked in private practice for 2 years and then was able to return to LVDHC as a full time dental hygienist.   Kaitlin enjoys educating her patients about the importance of proper oral hygiene and how it relates to overall health. “Being a dental hygienist gives me a chance to change lives for the better. I’m given an opportunity to treat people with empathy and caring in order to build a foundation of trust. I can help scared patients become more relaxed in the dental office, and my ultimate success is when I have a patient who can’t wait to come back! Not a day goes by on the job that I don’t feel like I’ve helped someone.” Kaitlin is a board certified Registered Dental Hygienist and has her license in local anesthesia and nitrous oxide administration. In her spare time, she enjoys all of the outdoor recreation that comes with each season here in the UP. From boating, hunting, snowboarding, playing volleyball and side by siding (just to name a few). Kaitlin also enjoys spending quality time with her friends, family and her black lab, Sage.