Lac Vieux Desert Health Center Exceptional Care for the Entire Family

We are excited to announce the addition of two providers to our team!! 

Dr. Ashley Hilbrand will begin seeing patients of all ages at our Watersmeet location on 5/2/2022.  Dr. Hilbrand is a Board Certified Family Practice physician.

On 6/1/2022, Robert Hansen, Doctor of Chiropractic, will begin seeing patients seeking Chiropractic care.

Primary Care

We pride ourselves in offering the best day-to-day care for our friends and family and will stay with you throughout the duration of your health care experience, working intently to help maintain your health.

Happy & Healthy

Your physical, emotional and psychological health are of equal importance to your overall well being. Getting and staying healthy requires attention to the little things. We can help!

Walk-in Clinic

If your health needs immediate attention, whether it's an unexpected bump or bruise, a fever or the flu, our walk-in clinic can serve your needs without a prior appointment.

Medical Staff

Dr. Hadley, Lisa, Jessica and Mark come from multi-disciplinary backgrounds and are accredited and come highly reviewed. It's their life's mission to provide you with the best health care possible.

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Dental Staff

Dr. Walden, Dr. Ritchie, Dr. Padgett, Dr. Helgerson, Kaitlin and JoAnn provide dental services to people of all ages. Additionally, they hold firm the belief that you and your family's concerns and input are paramount to your overall dental health. You are part of your dental health care team!

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Specialty Care

Charissa and Grady are readily available and here for you! You can contact them at (906) 358-0252 to make an appointment or visit in person at N5241 US HWY 45, Watersmeet, Michigan, MI 49969.

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