The Lac Vieux Desert Health Center has the resources and staff to accommodate vaccination and immunization needs for everyone over the entire lifespan.

If you, your child, or someone that you care for has missed a scheduled vaccine, our staff will be happy to help you through the process of catching up and getting back on track.

We want to help keep you informed and feel comfortable about any vaccines or immunizations. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us by phone or email, or make an appointment with one of our medical providers to discuss.

Childhood Immunizations

There is a wide range of vaccines—some requiring multiple doses at specific ages and specific times—that are recommended from birth to 18 years old.

Is it time for your child’s next round of shots? Don’t delay.

Schedules and Tables

2022 Recommended Immunizations & Vaccine-Preventable Diseases and the Vaccines that Prevent Them

For Children Birth through 6 Years Old For Children 7-18 Years Old

Adult Immunizations

Even adults need immunizations. The type of immunization recommended for adults is based on age, occupation, risk factors, or other indications.

Schedules and Tables

2022 Recommended Immunizations for Adults by Age or Condition (With Notes & Appendix)

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COVID-19 Vaccination

The Lac Vieux Desert Health Center is currently offering safe, effective, and free COVID-19 vaccinations through scheduled appointments. The CDC recommends that everyone 5 years of age and older receive a COVID-19 vaccination to reduce the chances of infection, further spread of the virus, severe illness and even death.

To schedule your vaccination, please call us at (906) 358-4588.

Tip: On the day of your vaccination, please bring your insurance card. If you previously received a vaccination or booster, please also bring your COVID-19 vaccination card so we can refer to it and update it for you.

For information about COVID-19 vaccinations, boosters, as well as other useful information, please visit our COVID-19 page:

COVID-19 Resources